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Sharing with Sincerity: Alumni Sharing Session

Personal Data Collection Statement

Please read through the Personal Data Collection Statement before completing application form.

Personal Data Collection Statement

In accordance with relevant provisions of Act no. 8/2005 Personal Data Protection Act:

  • Personal data provided by applicants on application or registration system on website of Higher Education Bureau (hereinafter referred to as ‘our Bureau’) will be used solely for application purposes.
  • To fulfill purpose of application or legal obligations, the provided information may be transferred to another agency or permitted entity.
  • In accordance with the Act, applicants have the right to request, access, correct, or archive his/her personal data stored in the Office.
  • Applicants should note that the transmission of information on an open network may entail the risk of being seen and used by authorized/unauthorized third parties. If you are uncomfortable with foregoing, please provide information to our Bureau via other channels.
  • All collected personal data will be processed in accordance with relevant provisions of Act No. 8/2005 Personal Data Protection Act. For details, please visit the related website.
I the content of Personal Data Collection Statement.