Student Blog Mobile Application Sticker Design Contest


By designing mobile app stickers, the contest encourages higher education students to showcase their creativities, enhances their sense of belonging to their institutions, and strengthens the cohesion among students.
Target participants:
  1. Students who are attending higher education programmes in Macao in the academic year 2019/2020;
  2. Macao students who are attending higher education programmes outside Macao in the academic year 2019/2020.
Submission Deadline:
Until April 27, 2020
Themes and details of the contest:
  1. The design is required to deliver a positive message about the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus, but there is no limitation on the theme.
  2. Format of Participation:
    • Eligible students can take part in the contest either in the name of an individual or in teams (2-3 persons); each participant can only participate once;
    • Each participating unit can submit one entry only.
  3. Entry requirements:


Image Size(pixel)

File Format

Name of sticker

Description of sticker


Color Mode


W 800 × H 800


Within 10 words

Within 200 words

Above 72dpi


  • If all the images have to be compressed into one ZIP file for uploading, the ZIP file should not exceed 5MB;
  • All the background of the map must be removed.
Entry registration and work submission:

Participants are required to submit their entries within the application period by any of the following methods

  1. Online submission: Applicants must fill out personal and entries information (including name, name of institution, major and year of study, contact number, e-mail address, copy of identity card and student ID card, etc.), and upload the entries at same time;
  2. Download the entry form: Fill in personal and work information and submit it to the college student center under the jurisdiction of our office together with the required files and CDs in the sealed envelope. The envelope should be marked: "Student Blog Mobile Application Stickers Design Contest ".



Champion (1)

MOP5,000 and a merit certificate

First runner-Up (1)

MOP4,000 and a merit certificate

Second runner-Up (1)

MOP3,000and a merit certificate

Merit Award (4)

MOP2,000 and a merit certificate

Online Popularity Award(1)

MOP1,000 and a merit certificate

Evaluation criteria:
  1. Judging panel will comprise representatives of the organizer and professionals in relevant area of Macao. The judging criteria will cover:
    Content (30%), creativity (30%) and integrated design (40%)
  2. b) The submission works will be uploaded to Student Blog web page for public voting. During the voting period, the most votes will be awarded the "Online Popularity Award". If the result of the vote is same, it will be voted by review team;
  3. If the review team believes that no work has reached the award standard, the award can be absent.
Announcement of results:
  1. The award list will be announced in late May 2020 at the Higher Education Bureau and the Student Blog web page, and the winner will be notified separately;
  2. The award works will be uploaded to the Student Blog mobile application for people who may have interest to download and use.
Other terms and conditions:
  1. All entries must be original, and has never been submitted to other contest or published in any form;
  2. All entries shall not contain any obscenity, violence, defamation or commercial publicity, and ensure that won’t infringe the copyright, trademark or other rights of any third party; otherwise, the organizer has the right to cancel its qualification, and reserves the rights to pursue legal action or lodge a claim, and all the legal responsibility shall be borne by participating units;
  3. Once the work is submitted, the Higher Education Bureau won’t return it to the team; the Higher Education Bureau will have the copyright and use right of relevant work. The Higher Education Bureau can use it partly or wholly for propaganda purposes, and have the right to copy, publish, display, broadcast, popularize, upload to the Internet or use for other public educational purposes without prior notice to the participating units;
  4. The winner should provide a picture of W 950 * H 500 (pixel) as the author's introduction;
  5. Should there be any conflict or inconsistency between Chinese and Portuguese constitution, the Chinese version shall prevail;
  6. The Higher Education Bureau reserves all rights in the explanation of the constitution.
Telephone:(853) 2856-3033
Fax:(853) 2856-3722

Registration expires. Thank you!