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Admission List
2019 Macau Tertiary Education Professionals Training –
Summer Study Program at Clare Hall, Cambridge and
Summer Study Program at University of Coimbra
1. Objective In order to promote the quality and competitiveness of Macau Higher Education and to establish a team of outstanding academics for the Higher Education Institutions in Macau, the “Macau Tertiary Education Professionals Training Summer Study Program” (hereinafter called “The Program”) aims at enhancing the professional skills of teaching and research of Macau academics through a series of intensive and targeted training sessions.
2. Applicants Full-time academics who worked at the Higher Education Institutions in Macau with Macau SAR Resident Identity Card
3. Requirements of qualification / participation
  1. Holding valid Macau SAR Resident Identity Card
  2. Holding Master Degree or above, with good command of English
  3. Current full-time academics with 3 years (or above) full-time teaching or research working experience
  4. Having a recommendation letter issued by respective Macau Higher Education Institution or its faculty or research center
4. Training Location, Date, Discipline and Number of Vacancies


Summer Study Program at
Clare Hall, Cambridge

Summer Study Program at
University of Coimbra


University of Cambridge, Clare Hall

University of Coimbra


24th June – 3rd July, 2019

23rd June – 2nd July, 2019

Date of Departure and Arrival

Depart from Macau: 23rd June, 2019;
Arrive at Macau: 4th July, 2019

Depart from Macau: 22nd June, 2019;
Arrive at Macau: 3rd July, 2019

Language of Instruction



Cambridge – leading on education and innovation

Development, Leadership and Globalization




5. Application Deadline of Application: 29th March 2019

Application Procedure:

1.  Proceed with on-line registration

2.  Two choices are given at the application stage, however, each applicant will be selected to join one of the program only.

3.  After on-line registration, please download the application form

4.  Complete and sign the application form; submit the form to the Higher Education Bureau (hereinafter called “DSES”) in person, by post or via email, together with the below required documents:

5. Late submission of application form and the related documents will not be accepted

6. Topics of Lectures and Course Schedule

6.1 Summer Study Program at Clare Hall, Cambridge

6.2 Summer Study Program at University of Coimbra

7. Fees
  1. Round-trip air tickets between Hong Kong and UK or Portugal, round-trip ferry tickets between Macau and Hong Kong International Airport, accommodation, part of meals (within college), course fee and insurance will be offered by Macau SAR Government and will be arranged by DSES.
  2. Air tickets valid for 3 months. Participants are allowed to amend the flight schedule after informing DSES. All the amendments on the flight schedule and the corresponding ferry tickets have to be handled by the participants themselves with the assigned travel agency. All the extra cost (if any) will be responsible by the participant.
  3. The participants have to purchase the travel insurance for the entire trip and be responsible for the extended period of accommodation if they have amended the flight schedule. It is also their responsibility to ensure their personal safety and meet their obligations in any accidents and incidents during the time of their extension. In addition, the participants need to ensure that all the program arrangement will not be affected by their amended flight schedule. Participants are necessary to attend all the lectures and activities of the entire program.
  4. Required visa and other miscellaneous expenses will be responsible by the participants themselves.
8. Selection Criterion The relatively outstanding applicants will be selected through review of the application documents. Reference of selection criteria are as below:
  1. Education Qualification and Teaching and Research Experience
  2. Advance studies or training experiences related to personal teaching and research development
  3. Experiences of participating academic seminars
  4. Social Participation (Experiences in participating the related associations or societies (social groups), doing scientific research which is in line with public interests, voluntarily engaging in other position in campus
  5. Presentation or publication of academic studies
  6. Academic achievement, awards or patent of the scientific research
  7. Applicants who have already joined the program in the past will not be accepted for the same program again.
9. Admission Date of announcement: on or before 26th April 2019
The list of selected applicants will be announced on the website of DSES. In addition, the selected applicants will also be notified by email.
10. Notes
  1. DSES reserves the right to request for additional supporting documents.
  2. In case of providing false information, the applicant will be disqualified and need to bear the related legal liability.
  3. The participant has to conform to the planned Program schedule and arrangement.
  4. The participant has to inform DSES before amending the flight schedule with the appointed travel agency. The amended flight schedule and the proof of travel insurance have to be submitted to DSES via email prior to the journey. Amendment on the flight schedule is not accepted one week before departure.
  5. The participant has to submit a report within 15 working days upon completion of the Program. The participant also needs to attend the Pre-departure Briefing and Wrap-up Sessions organized by DSES. Details of the sessions show below.


Summer Study Program at Clare Hall, Cambridge

Summer Study Program at University of Coimbra

Pre-departure Briefing Session

14th June 2019

17th June 2019

Wrap-up Session

22nd August 2019

23rd August 2019

* Participants will receive further notice for the exact time or any changes on the schedule of the sessions.

11. Enquiry Tel:Ms. Cheng 8396 9251
Fax: 2837 0105
[The Higher Education Bureau reserves the rights to interpret the Regulations]

The application has been closed.
Higher Education Bureau